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Flash data recovery is becoming hot and it proves a bigger and bigger market to develop. The development of flash data recovery market plays an important role to the development of the whole IT industry, especially under the background of financial crisis. According to some Russian businessmen, they said there would be a second round financial crisis and all of us must be well prepared to handle the difficult situations.

So far in the flash data recovery market, many flash data recovery tools have a very low successful rate of recovery. Many people are using ACE flash recovery tool, but it seems there are still many people looking for some better ones with higher successful rate of recovery. ACE Lab is one very famous data recovery forerunner and we hope they can improve the flash recovery tool and keep going ahead. Recently, another famous data recovery tools manufacturer-SalvationDATA announced they would launch a flash data recovery tool called Flash Doctor, for this, we emailed SalvationDATA R&D center and get the following information to be shared with everybody.

SD Flash Doctor is coming soon in July supporting all manufacturers and controllers. SD flash Doctor is dedicated to recovering data from flash patient drives with logical malfunctions, bad blocks, controller malfunctions or electronic problems, what’s more important, SD flash doctor provides solution to detected flash drives with bad parameters caused by flash firmware loss or corruption.

Compared with other competitive flash data recovery tools, Mr. Fan, the CTO of SalvationDATA claimed their flash doctor has the following highlights:

1, The Universal algorithm makes it avaiable for SD Flash Doctor to support all flash manufacturers and controllers based on the files system of FAT and NT while the competitive tools support a limited controllers and manufacturers;

2, SD flash Doctor has a unqiue way of diagnosing the patient flash drives according to the file system and data density without worrying about the type of controller or manufactuer while others diagnose by the controller;

3, SD flash Doctor supports both the 8-bit and 16-bit data read at a higher successful rate;

4, SD flash Doctor supports a much wider range of adjustable voltages between 0.9V-5V which enables the doctor to cover the future development of flash drives with lower voltages;

5, SD flash Doctor supports a comprehensive range of page capacity such as 528 bytes and its multiples or 2064 and its multiples, etc.

6, Compared with an average successful rate of 10%-35% by current flash data recovery tools, Flash doctor can reach 50%-65% and even higher!

Well, we are not sure if above will come true as they said, but there is hope we can use better flash data recovery tools! Let’s wait and see!