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SalvationDATA is one of the most hot-discussed data recovery tools providers with their own data recovery tools factory, R&D center, clean rooms, training centers and distributors worldwide.

SalvationDATA has now  the following 6  tools for data recovery, data backup and data clean:

HD HPE PRO-Hard disk head and platter Exchange professional HDD repair tool, it’s said this tool is so far the best data recoveryt tool you work in clean room environment to change the heads or remove the platters onto the donor drive.

HD Doctor Suite-This tool is used to Diagnose the patient disks, Repair firmware corruption and Bad Sectors, with ‘one click’ repair feature and support the latest models! HD Doctor Suite includes HD Doctor for Seagate, HD Doctor for Maxtor, HD Doctor for Hitachi and HD Doctor for Western Digital, HD Doctor for Samsung and HD Doctor for Toshiba/Fujitsu.

Data Compass-Integrates solutions to logical failure, physical failure and RAID failure supporting file systems of FAT, NTFS, HFS+/HFSX and EXT2(3). Data Compass has three versions, Data Compass Standard version, Data Compass Premium version and Data Compass Unlimited version.

Flash Doctor-Used to recover data from all NAND-based flash storage devices (SD, SM, MMC, XD, USB Pendrive, MemoryStick, CompactFlash etc.), except those slim cards using non-standard NAND chips, with damaged controller or any other front ends (PCB, etc.).

Data Copy King-Used to image and wipe hard drives and USB flash drives, it is one 1:1 hard drive duplicator with color touch screen.

File Extractor: Used to image or recover detected drives, mainly for drives with logical failures, bad sectors, it’s one simple version of Data Compass.

It’s said SD is also developping cell phone data recovery tools and will release soon!

Here we do want to listen to those who are using SalvationDATA data recovery tools?  What on earth do you think of the quality of their tools, services and technique support?  The price? any other information about your real experience about their tools are welcome for those who are planning to invest in their data recovery tools. Thanks again for sharing.