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Hitachi hard drive firmware

Firmware copy: Copy 0(SA-A), Copy 1(SA-B) and Factory copy(SA-C). Copy 1 is a copy of Copy 0, but not all modules are present in Copy 1. Factory copy locates on different area from Copy 0 and Copy 1 within the service area. There is a flag recorded on NVRAM, which decides which one is boot at power-up.
For drive with more two heads or more, Copy 0 and factory copy locate on primary head while copy 1 locates on secondary head. While for drive with one head only, the three copies locate on the same head.
Firmware compatibility:  there is a version marker recorded in modules like RESF/RAM0/OVR1 etc, which can be used to identify compatible firmware modules.

Hitachi hard drive key firmware modules

USAG/RESF module: Modules table, indicate location of listed module in service area
RSVD module: not listed in modules table; it marks the beginning of service area
Critical modules: listed in modules table, critical for drive operation.
Auxiliary modules: not listed in modules table, in charge of auxiliary drive operation, e.g., selftest.

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