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Cheng Du: report from the IT168 on 12th January, the crocodile, data recovery equipment Research and Development corporation, salvationdata, makes its decision to launch more than five million acquisitions or being a shareholder over about ten province level data recovery companies this year, these companies specialized in data recovery business with their professional technologies and good background of big account sales and services in their regions. The aim of this acquisition is to establish an international data recovery services center, through its international leading technical and competitive standard services in the regions of Southern, Western and Northern of China.

Encountering the problems in the data recovery industry, such as the unreasonable change standards and irregular services standards, salvationdata has been taking measures to response such problems, and the acquisition this time is a good example. It is a wonderful opportunity for salvationdata to make good use of the advantages of those companies with their abundant experience of services in their zones, establishing an international data recovery services system which will attach much more importance on the security of the customers’ data to make an end of competitive situation in the data recovery industry. In order to provide safe and comfortable services for customers, salvationdata are going to establish a standardized services system, eliminating the confusion of change and reducing risks in the process of data recovery.

In the meantime, salvationdata will provide trainings on engineers from those companies and then are going to be appointed to oversea data recovery companies after making contracts with those abroad data recovery companies, which are located at Italy, U.S.A, U.K, Germany, Canada, etc. it is reported that the model project, international VIP services center (, constructed by salvationdata, has been being run, and it can provide better services for customers in Sichuan province.
The senior official of salvationdata also said that: recent years salvationdata has been devoting itself to gathering the strength of domestic data recovery business to work together on the constructions of a competitive data recovery system. Salvationdata has nearly one hundred famous brand data recovery companies partners presently, which can provide customers standardized and warranted services national wide. Therefore, this acquisition is bound to improve the technical strength and services qualities of domestic data recovery business.

Despite that the head of salvationdata refuse to list the name of the acquisition companies, it can be figured out this acquisition is a big deal in the data recovery business, in terns of the establishment of a data recovery corporation limited among about one hundred thousand. It can be believed that this acquisition will be a signal which is bound to cause new consolidation in the realm of data recovery.