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What are exactly digital data acquisition tools for? What is Data Copy King for? How the digital data acquisition tools can be utilized in daily life?

In the physical world, the police need help from forensic teams to collect evidence to solve crimes and catch culprits. Similarly, in the digital world, digital forensics is a crucial part of the fight against cyber criminals and hackers with a high-tech and professional data capture system. The evidence these professionals can gather against suspects with the help of the digital data acquisition tool can be presented in court.

Then what kind of data imaging tool can be employed to help the police gather the evidence to fight against cyber criminals and hackers? And how reliable and effective is the data imaging tool? Yes, Data Copy King is your best bet all along..

SalvationDATA Technology has long concerned about forensic data recovery, and after the innovative efforts of its R&D department with the commission to meet the market demanding in forensic data recovery, hard drive duplication, data erasing as well as HDD auto detection, SD will release a new product—Data Copy King in early March, 2010. Forensic data recovery feature for police or government agencies is just small part coverage which data copy king is targeted to; Data Copy King can be used widely among data recovery companies, computer forensic agencies, security agencies, IT after sale departments, Banks, Universities, hosting companies, individuals, etc.

Data copy king is an exclusive all-in-one professional high speed hardware duplication and diagnostics integrating data copy, HDD auto detection and data erasing with excellent performance and versatile functions meeting the requirements of all walks of life; moreover the real tested rate comes up to 6.3GB/min, and erasing rate up to 7.3GB/min, it is the fastest rate in the industry. What’s more, the powerful and intellectual bad sector repair and bypassing technology makes Data Copy King a top media event in 2010. The user friendly operations and powerful all-around functions allow people from all walks of life to acquire it cost effectively and easily;

Undoubtedly, Data Copy king is your first choice in 2010 to replace your old data imaging tools to keep yourself ahead with higher speed, strong bad sector repair and bypassing ability and intelligent HDD auto detection.

If you want to learn more about this magic and mysterious data cloning tool, please send an email to info[at] and you will get a fast and detailed reply.