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As the title suggests, the ACE focuses most of its attention on the experimental research and solutions for the data recovery, but less attention to the market, which is an enterprise with a making of a pedant. In comparison, the SalvationDATA dedicates itself to research and development of data recovery equipments as well as the timely changing market, which is a practical-originated enterprise.

Why is ACE a pedant company?

Firstly, it is a pioneer in the realm of data recovery, dedicating itself to experimental research. In 1991, an engineer from Rostov Research and Development Institute of Microtechnology, which was developing and manufacturing HDDs for the Ministry of Electronic Industry of USSR, collaborating with several graduates from Taganrog State University of Radio Engineering, established the ACE, which is the first company to work at the field of data recovery worldwide. In the following years, more IT talents, most of them came from the most famous universities and research institutions in Russia, joined into the R&D team, making it more and more excellent in the realm of data recovery. Before the official release of PC-3000, ACE had made much experiment for PC-2000, and had launched abundant trial utilization among Russian users, whose spirit is worthy following suit. Consequently, as the PC-3000 was launched, it was appreciated by the industry as highly as possible.

Secondly, due to the high requirements of operations, its customers are accordingly limited in some ranges. Although PC-3000 is widely acclaimed by the industry and user’s favor after its release, yet its high operational requirements yield many potential customers, especially for whose want to enter into data recovery industry but lack of enough data recovery experiences, because of its original design, which paid less attention to the customers short of data recovery experience. However, in the age of efficiency and time originated, if some enterprises must spend sufficient time accumulating experience of operations, such enterprises inevitably are eliminated by the market, for market doesn’t allow such thing to happen, according to the Jungle Principle. For this point, the ACE must improve it in the future, for customers are many things.

Lastly, marketing is outsourced and few concerns of market are concentrated by ACE. It’s very clear from its company framework, in which it is consisted of most engineers that all the selling of ACE are outsourced to professional marketing company, and R&D is the main concerns of ACE. Consequently, competeting with latecomers, this disadvantage is more and more obvious. For example, in recent years, the TB-level disks are utilized more and more in the market, but the ACE don’t launch any product to meet such huge market demands, maybe the few concerns of market is the main factor for that case, meanwhile, the computer forensics market spring up in the those years as well, but so doesn’t the ACE.

Why is SalavationDATA a practical-originated data recovery company?

Firstly, to be open-minded on R&D. since 1991, SalavationDATA has concentrated on providing data recovery services, however, in face of weak data recovery equipments in that market, SalavationDATA made a decision that the users’ troublesome can be overcome once for all. In 1996, SalavationDATA entered into data recovery industry, focusing on the R&D highly-qualified data recovery equipment. Comparing with ACE, SalavationDATA is a younger generation. But SalavationDATA is open-minded to improve R&D and construction of R&D team, by studying and collaborating with universities and institutes home and aboard. In the short time of ten years, SalavationDATA has launched a full ranging and systematic data recovery equipments, especially Data Compass and Data Copy King, which is comprehensively applied for data recovery companies and IT after sell department and computer forensics agencies and etc, in particular the Data Copy King provides the fastest speed both in disk clone and disk wipe, which is 6.8GB/min and 7.2GB/min separately, with one-to-one hard disk imaging in the world.

Secondly, customers-originated and rapid reaction for timely changing market. Advocating “customers-originated”, SalavationDATA provides customers products and services wholeheartedly, respects each customer and meets each customer’s differential demands. In response to the constantly changing market, SalavationDATA launches real-time products to meet the differential demands of customers in the light of each customer. For example, as SAMSUNG launched its first hard disk, the SalavationDATA specially designed and released as quickly as possible SUMSUNG HD Doctor to cope with any problems during the utilization of SAMSUNG disk.

Lastly but not the last, R&D and market are equally concerned by SalavationDATA, attaching much importance to establishing its brand-SalavationDATA. Since its establishment of SalavationDATA, it insists to the strategy of equal concerns of R&D and market, and enhances its R&D teams and constructions of market teams, ensuring each step of before selling, sell and after selling can be fully carried out by the marketing teams and technical supports, resulting in more and more royal customers and good reputation. It is in the process that the brand-SalavationDATA is becoming well know to all customers around world step by step, and more and more customers in this industry choose SalavationDATA as data recovery and computer forensics solutions.

ACE Tools:

PC3000 data recovery suite+DE
PC3000 flash

SalvationDATA data recovery tools:

HD Doctor Suite
Data Compass Suite
Flash Doctor