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Electronic devices may contain viable evidence associated with criminal activity. Unless an emergency exists, the device should not be accessed. Should it be necessary to access the device, all actions associated with the manipulation of the device should be noted in order to document the chain of custody and insure its admission in court. The following is about the potential evidence stored in the Wireless Telephones.

-Potential Evidence Contained in Wireless Devices

–Numbers called
–Numbers stored for speed dial
–Caller ID for incoming calls
–Other information contained in the memory of wireless telephones

—Phone/pager numbers
—Names and addresses
—PIN numbers
—Voice mail access number
—Voice mail password
—Debit card numbers
—Calling card numbers
—E-mail/Internet access information
—The on screen image may contain other valuable information

* On/Off Rule

-If the device is “ON”, do NOT turn it “OFF”.

–Turning it “OFF” could activate lockout feature.
–Write down all information on display (photograph if possible).
–Power down prior to transport (take any power supply cords present).

-If the device is “OFF”, leave it “OFF”.

–Turning it on could alter evidence on device (same as computers).
–Upon seizure get it to an expert as soon as possible or contact local service provider.
–If an expert is unavailable, USE A DIFFERENT TELEPHONE and contact 1-800-LAWBUST (a 24/7 service provided by the cellular telephone industry).

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