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26 November 2010 Chengdu, China. For ensuring all confidentiality rules implemented, all secret services in China have carried out a confidential review to all party-government offices, important institutions and departments, with combination way of convention and specialization, since a new secret law was implemented officially in October 1. As soon as violations appear, they should be handled strictly. In additions, the review results must be linked up with annual evaluation and confidentiality funds, so as to ensure the maximum and overall implementation of the new act.

The primary goal of the confidentiality review lies in data information safety, one of the new law modification keys. In the party-government offices’ confidentiality review “Looking Back” and computer secret management inspection of last year, too many institutions exposed hidden leaks which were not coincident with secrecy inspection regulations. Once these leaks expose again in the confidentiality review, the institution information centers even the whole institution’s assessment and confidentiality funds will be influenced seriously. Therefore, at present the top priority for all information center managers is how to adapt information-based operation and maintenance safeguard system to a new confidentiality review, and how to preferably exploit the subject of information-based operation and maintenance safeguard.

Xinhua net has reported that all party-government offices and institutions should adapt to the requirements of confidentiality inspection after the new law was issued, and partial institutions should prevent the reoccurrence of hidden leaks because of using non-China data information safeguard products. To reach the goal, hundreds of key institutions and departments in China, such as The Ninth Physics Institution of China, National Security Agency and The 57th Research Laboratory of Headquarter, deploy SD-DSM which is an all-range trinity data information safeguard system and is researched and developed autonomously by SalvationDATA, who has advanced and global leading technology. The SD-DSM includes three main functions of high-speed offline backup, data recovery, and data erasure or destruction. All technologies are designed autonomously by SalvationDATA and the domestication rate reaches 100%. There is no space left to design the system continuously so as to provide adequate safeguard for information-based operation and maintenance management.

At the moment, the core technology of SD-DSM has successfully passed the authentications of Chinese Secret Agency’s Inspection Center and Chinese Military Information Evaluating Center. Meanwhile, SalvationDATA has gained special fund support provided by National Science and Technology Department. The successful application of SD-DSM in national key institutions and departments has great significance for propelling confidentiality review and improving information-based operation and maintenance safeguard system.