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Power Plug is one perishable but important data recovery part. It was not designed to plug in and out for long, I mean for many times, theoretically speaking, if you use one power plug for 500 times, it’s suggested to change it for performing well in your hdd repair or data recovery cases. The following is some experience when I use SalvationDATA data recovery tools.

When I was dealing with some hdd repair or data recovery cases, I found frequent plug in and out could cause some changes to the power connectors and then the hd doctors or Data Compass may not have proper connection to power supply, this will definitely affect the stable good performance of these data recovery tools and you may sometimes fail to get a good result because of the unstbale read and write commands from the tools.

You may use the power connectors to connect with the hard drives and then you may use the same connectors to connect with the hdd repair tools, this is where the problems happened. Because the power pins are bigger than the pins in the hdd repair tools and thenfore, the connections may not be well carried out, please check the following pictures I take:
Power Pins of the HDD repair tools:

Hard drive power pins

So when you are using the SalvationDATA data recovery tools, such as Data Compass or HD Doctor suite,  you’d better pay attention to the connections and see if the connectors of the power cables and the hdd repair tools are connected very properly. Or you may encounter some problems, for example, you may not backup the full firmware, the drives are detected soemtimes, and sometimes lost or when the data is imaged, you may find it go stuck, etc, you may see many unstable symptoms in different data recovery cases.

I usually do it like the following to fix power connection problem:

I hope the above tip is useful when you are using SalvationDATA data recovery tools.

John. L

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