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Archive management is not only aimed at storing historical materials, but also has great importance for real society. As the central role of Chinese archives management, Chinese archive bureau needs to assist all archive management institutions to classify with science, catalog, and manage with modernization. Meanwhile, it is necessary for it to adopt various means to exploit archive information resource, so as to provide service for all aspects of society.

All files in national archive bureau are precious so that the archive management is of vital importance. In August of this year, “Chinese archive informationization propulsion session of 2010” is held in Beijing. Many excellent participants, who are file management workers, draw the outline of file informationization instruction for society and enterprises.

Chinese Archive Equipping 70 Data Recovery Devices

In the session of Chinese archive informationization propulsion of 2010, all experts and scholars pay much attention to the archive information safe, which contains: protection, data recovery and data backup. Therefore, safety instruction is no time to delay in the course of abundant archives information’s filing, storing and using. According to the requirements of computer information management system, there has necessity to establish archive safe system, and adopt corresponding technology guard, so as to cope with challenge of digital archive information safe. At the same time, these works can meet the needs of various potential safety hazards, such as: data bug, electromagnet leaking, electricity interrupting, carrier damaging, compute virus, webpage distorting, and hacker attacking.

Finally?for protecting file data safe and pushing forward the process of Chinese archive informatization management, Chinese archive Bureau has equipped 70 technical data recovery devices with the help of SalvationDATA.

The new technical data recovery devices are not only an important component of file information safe system deployed by Chinese archive bureau, but also that of emergency plans for preventing files losing. It is said that the devices are cooperation between Chinese archive bureau and SalvationDATA, which is a hi-tech enterprise of China and a precedent of data recovery technology research-development institution of China. SalvationDATA has supplied with comprehensive support from all aspects: demand analysis, technical data recovery devices’choise, set-up and adjustment, as well as relevant technology training. The devices can achieve finishing off-line copying with high speed, complicate data recovery of various storage devices and complete elimination of confidential data. These functions reach international first-class level. So the devices are full of praise in the market of international data information safe devices.

The provider of Chinese archive bureau’s data recovery devices-SalvationDATA

As a manufacturer of technical data recovery, SalvationDATA is not only a hi-tech enterprise, but also a double soft certification company. Meanwhile, its technical data recovery devices have more than ten patent technologies. The strong technique power guarantees the leading safety and function of data recovery devices. In addition, as the biggest technical information safe device company mixing of researching, producing, marketing, service and training, SalvationDATA has provided all-around after-sales upgrading and technology support for the technical data recovery devices of Chinese archive bureau. Thereby, SalvationDATA decreases the expenses of manpower and finance of Chinese archive bureau, and its devices are known as the optimum price-to-performance.

In the rapid developing information era, the informationization progress of file management is no time to delay. It is necessary for all countries to build convenient, accurate, information safe system (IT operations), and raise the whole level of file informationization management.

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