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Chengdu-December 23, 2010 SalvationDATA launches the premium remote assistance program by working extra shifts for their customers, especially customers from America and Europe who need more professional technique support due to the difference of time zones. However, remote assistance and technique support within their office hours are still free.

It’s suggested customers contact SD within their office hours for remote assistance to help with your hdd repair or data recovery cases if time permits. In case you are not available within our office hours and you need urgent support by remote assistance to fix your cases, you are now able to apply for one premium remote assistance by working extra shifts at a best negotiated time.

Details of the premium remote assistance:
1, SalvationDATA normal office hours: 9AM-11:50AM, 13:10PM-18:00PM, GMT+8.
2, SalvationDATA current technique support methods: Email, MSN, Forum, Telephone, Remote assistance
Customers can make best use of our normal office hours and get professional technique support from our data recovery engineers for free. But please understand patience during the support process is required due to the large database of customer support request. Customers can try different methods of support, like email and forum support are two good means you can consider and some other users of SalvationDATA data recovery tools will be willing to help as well.

About the premium remote assistance

Implemention Time
7 hours each day, 19:00PM-2:00AM (the second new day), Starting from January 1, 2011

Implemention Method
SalvationDATA data recovery engineers provide premium remote assistance by working extra shifts;

USD60/Case before 24:00PM, that is from 19:00-24:00, GMT+8;
USD120/Case After 24:00PM, that is from 24:00-2:00, GMT+8;

SalvationDATA data recovery engineers will help customers to diagnose the patient drives, analyze how to find a right solution and show the steps to repair the drives or recover the data. We will not wait until all your data is recovered but we show you the way.

1, Apply for premium remote assistance here

Note: When you’re going to apply for premium remote assistance on the extra shifts, please state it clearly in the ‘description’ field, example as following to fill in the ‘Description’ field:

Premium remote assistance;
Preferred time: 20:00PM-21:00PM, GMT+8, December 22, 2010

2, SalvationDATA data recovery engineers have previous assessment to the case according to the information the customers provide;

3, SalvationDATA data recovery engineers contact customers for fixing a good time for remote assistance

4, SalvationDATA data recovery engineers carry out the premium remote assistance with the customers
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