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According to news from  CNN on December 13th, US Air Force Cyber Command would send out a Cyber Control Order in recent days to prohibit the use of DVDs, USB flash disks and portable storage devices, because of the lack of sufficient anti-disclosure technology. It’s reported that the Cyber Control Order is to tinker with how far to clamp down on computer security due to the steady drumbeat of WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks has released  from April 2010 hundreds of thousands of military files about Iraq war and Afghanistan war. The revelations of US classified information was resulted from USB flash disk owned by Bradley E. Manning, an ex-US army soldier, according to the US military investigation.

Portable storage device is indispensable in the information era. For example, USB flash disk is essential in daily life and works as one of the most convenient portable storage devices. USB flash disk has become one of the major ways of data leakage, because it has been used so widely in everyday life. Is it possible to avoid data leakage by simply prohibiting the use of USB flash disk? Probably not. There was a story in ancient China about how Da Yu controlled floods. According to legend, the Yellow River flooded during the reign of Yao. The floods brought great misery to the people.  Gun, Yu’s father, was appointed to harness the flood. Gun built dikes to keep back the water without success. Then Yu was appointed to continue with the flood-harnessing work. Yu adopted the dredging method to lead the flood waters to flow along river courses into the sea. He succeeded after ten year’s work. If the US Air force knew this story about Da Yu, perhaps the US military will not prohibit the use of DVDs and portable devices, which might not help in fact.

We should change the way of thinking for the problem. Since USB flash disk is indispensable in daily life, what we should do is to develop the anti-disclosure technology, rather than to prohibit the use of USB flash disk. Then what technology is available now?

There is news from SalvationDATA, a hi-tech company in China with the most advanced information security technologies. Mr. Liu, a senior technician from the Anti-disclosure Department in SalvationDATA, told the journalist that it’s practicable to prevent data leakage from USB flash disk. SalvationDATA has developed a USB Write Blocker, which was used for China military before. The USB Write Blocker protects the data on the physical level. With this device, the data can be copied from USB connector into the computer, but the data can not be copied from the computer to USB connector. With this device, the portable storage device can be used normally without the worries of data leakage. Any possible ways of data leakage through USB connector is cut off fundamentally.

The technology in USB Write Blocker from SalvationDATA is exclusive in the world and has got patents internationally. USB Write Blocker has been the most efficient way for anti-disclosure of USB flash disk and other portable storage devices, and it’s one of the most advanced equipments for the information security in the world.