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London-January 21th, 2010 According to our report from internet journalist, one of the major data recovery tools manufactures(ACE & SalvationDATA) -SalvationDATA headquarter is going to have its first data recovery training in 2011 on March 21-25 in ChengDu, Sichuan, China.

SalvationDATA has held many times of data recovery training in 2010 and the courses are mostly on how to use their tools and how to have a complete view of the whole data recovery business. “The training is extremely useful for those who are new to start data recovery business”, Said by one of SalvationDATA customers, ” If you are  already data recovery experts, you may not need to attend the training at all, because the travelling cost to China is not low plus with the training cost!”

As other data recovery training courses in the market, there’s not a big difference for SalvationDATA’s, but one good point out there is the resources SalvationDATA may introduce to the attendees, Such as both new and refurbished hard drives, PCB, firmware sources, clean room equipment, hdd repair tools and parts and other kind of data recovery necessities. As you know China is one ‘worldwide factory’!

About SalvationDATA

SalvationDATA provides comprehensive HDD Diagnosis, repair and data recovery tools for Seagate, Maxtor, Western Digital, Hitachi/IBM, Samsung, Toshiba/Fujitsu, Flash drives’ repair and data recovery tools. Besides, they provide data recovery training and data recovery services. More about SalvationDATA, you can visit their website by:

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