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April 26, April, 2011-London: SalvationDATA announced its us$1,000,000 donation plan for African data recovery market. This plan i s to help African IT services companies, computer forensic institutes, public sectors, enterprises to set up their own professional data recovery center or in-house data management center with SalvationDATA data loss prevention and data recovery hardware solutions and tools.

According to Internetworldstats, African internet users reach 110,931,700 in 2010 which indicate a growth rate of 2,357.3 % since 2000. However, due to the slow economy development process and lack of professional IT technologies support, the public sectors, many enterprises, Schools and even the personal internet users are facing growing threats of data loss and data leakage which damage their business, reputation and even the environment of attracting foreign investment.

More and more African people have seen this and began to invest in more advanced information security services, they provide data backup, data loss prevention solutions, data recovery services either to the end users directly or by contract to enterprises or public sectors. The bad news is the high cost and few service providers are able to handle complicated cases with their existing traditional tools or software-level solutions.

It’s obvious that South Africa is the leading country for IT services and other fields as well due to its economy development. Many international IT companies have invested in South Africa to provide computer distribution services, hdd repair services, data recovery services and other after-sale IT services. Other countries which paid a lot of attention to data recovery field can be Egypt, Nigeria, Ghana, Morocco, Zimbabwe, Uganda, etc.

SalvationDATA will donate 30% of the sales revenue generated from the orders from African continent within the planned period to our participants. These donation funds can be given when processing with the orders or after the order and they will be used by the participants to equip themselves with more advanced DLP and DR solutions, clean room, recovery resources, more professional engineers or get better training.

So we think this is one great opportunity for African business to start data recovery business, strenthen their data security ability and accelerate the process of information security construction.