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HD Doctor for WD is the most commonly used western digital hard drive repair tool and recently its manufacturer-SalvationDATA has announced its coming new release in late this month with new hdd repair features to maximize users’ success rate. The following is one overview of the new hdd repair features:

1. ATA Module Automatic Generation

In WD HD Doctor, the ATA module is corresponded with the Rom on PCB. If the ATA module model is not corresponded with Rom, the WD drive will not be recognized by the bios and the drive can’t work. In WD HD Doctor Version 5.0, there is a feature that generates ATA module for ROYL WD drives. This feature implements matching ATA module by ROM’s module. While in Version 6.0, we will add ATA module automatic generation for Black I.

WD-ROYL ATA module

WD-ROYL ATA moduleATA module in ROYL WD drive

4F module in ROM in ROYL WD drive

2. PLIST Module Regeneration

In Version6.0, there will be a new P-LIST module regeneration feature, which can generate a P-LIST by other modules. The principle is adopted by the low format operation of the hard drive before leaving the factory. This feature will find out the fault of the head and record it in the log. Only if the log is not mended, can it regenerate P-LIST. There is a log file for each head. After the P-LIST is generated, users can use HD Doctor for WD to restore the fault of the translator so that fix the firmware and recover the data from the drive.

ROYL P-list

ROYL P-list

In P-list every 8 bytes is a defect list

3. Micro-jog Modification
This feature is used to modify micro-jog in ROM. What’s micro-jog modification? Head will track data by the altitude, baud rates. As hard drive is high precision electronic equipment, just very tiny specification will affect its work, so the micro-job will affect the head’s read and write. After the head or the PCB is exchanged on WD drives, the micro-jog will not match to the original drive, so it will cause lots of read blocks, green blocks, or even bad sectors. See chart below:

Micro-jog modification

Micro-jog modification

To solve the above issue, we need to modify the micro-job. In WD Version 5.0, by ROM operation, uses can access to the 47 modules. They only need to diagnose the site of the specification, modify the speciation manually, then they can fix the micro-jog. See chart below:

WD-ROYL-47 module

WD-ROYL-47 module

While for most of the users, this feature is too difficult to operate. In order to modify the micro-jog more easily, we add new feature in Version 6.0. Users can directly extract the micro-jog and modify it. See chart below:

4. SMART Reset
In Version 6.0, the new feature SMART reset will be added in so that users can make it by one-key operation, there will be no more complicated modification procedures.

5. Self Test Log
In Version 6.0, users can use this Self Test Log feature to clear the log by one-key operation and save lots of time.

6. Test all Heads
In Version 5.0, it can only test primary head and secondary head but not other heads. So users can’t judge other heads in good condition or not. While in Version 6.0, users can use the new feature to test all heads, and test what every head to know its read and write status.

7. Read Rom Module in Black I
In Version 5.0, users can read module in ROYL Series but not Black I, while in Version 6.0, users can read module in Black I by this new feature as well.

8. Add description in Module list
In Version 5.0, HD Doctor for WD only shows the description for parts of the modules. While in Version 6.0, it will show full description for each module, such as track, starting sector, length. So users can know more detailed about the modules.

9. Displaying the family number and ROM number in ROYL Series WD drives
In Version 6.0, after loading the program, it will show all family numbers in for all ROYL series drives.

10. Add status register display
See chart below:

Status Register

Status Register

11. Add some small functions
In Version 6.0, SD will add information in ROM, clear out translator, and displaying modules features.

If above hdd repair features are added successfully to hd doctor for wd, it will be very helpful in having this great hdd repair tool for a high success rate of data recovery and hdd repair services.

About HD Doctor for WD

HD Doctor for WD is one hdd repair tool especially developed for WD hdd repair by SalvationDATA. You may be interested in other SalvationDATA hdd repair or data recovery tools.