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Within our data recovery lab, our data recovery engineers have met some Seagate F3 hdd repair cases with the following symptoms:

After you perform translator regeneration, you can read only the first part of surface and then get errors to continue the read because the bad sectors cannot be detected correctly. The bad sectors might be located before the place where it stopped. The following are some idea for successful Seagate F3 translator recovery.

1st,  The first unreadable sectors need to be found out;
2nd,  Find out the certain sector where the read process stops;
3rd,  Open sector editor and try to read some sector which situated before that sector So last readable sector is found;
4th,  Read the first unreadable sector, if sector is unreadable again, transmit data in spite of read error;

Please note: there are two possibilities. Possibility 1: the first unreadable sector contains bytes almost all zeros or sevens. After first unreadable sector could be similar sectors. Before first unreadable sector there are sectors with data or Possibility 2:  first unreadable sector contains data, but before it there is sector (or several sectors with almost all zeros)

You should add in translator sectors with zeros. In case of Possibility 1 – first unreadable sector (and probably several sectors afterwards), in case of Possibility 2 – sector (or several sectors) before first unreadable. So you have detected sectors which needs to be added into translator. Next stage is adding.

open Defects List>edit>Create a new defect list>Add that region. Enter the first bad sector number and the number of bad sectors ahead>perform translator recovery

We have different data recovery tools for this purpose but so far, we haven’t found one perfect solution for it, especially some automatic translator recovery solution. If you have some special good solution for translator recovery, please share with us here.