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This is one of the hot discussed topics in the first global data recovery summit held in SalvationDATA headquarter-Chengdu. the marketing manager of SalvationDATA has analysed the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing and finally showed his own idea whether cloud computing will affect data recovery.

Cloud Computing Advantages:
1, Reduce your initial investment as there is no infrastructure expense right up-front;
2, pay only for the capacity you are using and that is a further cost reduction; more storage capacity can be purchased as needed;
3, Data access feasibility is super with internet;
4, In-time disaster data recovery possibilities;
5, Minimize data management cost;

Cloud computing Disadvantages:
1,Cloud computing is still young with young technologies, privacy and security of the data is the biggest concern;
2,The impact of forensic investigations on Cloud environments was little noticed. The loss of control caused by Cloud environments and vendors presents a huge challenge for investigators. Preliminary findings of the computer forensic community in the field of digital forensics have to be revised and adapted to the new environment;
3,The cyberspace world is controlled by few magnates in this field and can be also made best use by politics; Besides, all countries need balance in new technologies and society harmony.
4,Unknown threats and attack.

So Cloud computing can affect definitely traditional storage devices and then data recovery business but the practiced and preferred solutions would be a combination of the two, local data storage and cloud computing when it becomes mature and stable.

Traditional data recovery services or some kind of new data recovery services will keep growing as well.