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November 9th, 2011, London, UK: The world’s first data recovery summit was started by the leading data recovery equipment manufacturer-SalvationDATA and met its happy ending on Nov. 2nd in Chengdu. The summit was a milestone and big event for data recovery development. Worldwide data recovery and computer forensic experts from US, Canada, Australia, China, India, South Africa, France, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, etc have attended the summit and shared their years’ experience and knowledge in data recovery. Besides, this summit attracted some information security experts from the Chinese government agencies.

Data recovery experts within the summit shared a lot of useful information with a summary as following:

1, Data Recovery history, current situation and the future of data recovery. “The major new elements arising up in data recovery are SSD data recovery technologies, Encryption data recovery technologies, cloud computing and data recovery, said mr. Edison Hsiun, marketing manager of SalvationDATA. However, these new trends will not have big impact on the existing data recovery tools and technologies used within the next 3-5 years;”

2, How data recovery experts and business should prepare themselves to win the future of data recovery. Among all that is discussed, forensic service and IT audit services are good sectors to be considered;

3, All the major data recovery equipment and technologies in the world are discussed and given a review on them. In particular, Data recovery experts put focus on SalvationDATA data recovery equipment and pc3k suite. Some of other equipment and technologies are for in-house use only. One interesting conclusion is a combination of different advantages from the major two data recovery equipment manufacturers for the highest data recovery success rate;

4, There’s one amazing platter swap technology while ignoring the so-called alignment by swapping the platters one by one without losing the data for drives with spacer. It works both for desktop 3.5″ drives and 2.5″ laptop drives;

5, Data recovery tips, tricks and success rate of physical data recovery cases;

6, How to set up unique data recovery price system and data recovery service features, etc.

“We’re going to have this kind of summit held each year and have more and more data recovery and information security professionals share and make progress together”, said Mr. Liang, CEO of SalvationDATA.