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Our reporters have learnt from one of the world’s data recovery leaders-SalvationDATA, they are going to offer the world client-onsite data recovery solutions including client-onsite data recovery training courses and face-to-face data recovery consultation services. This onsite in-house data recovery solutions are especially prepared for law enforcement agencies, military and government departments, national security labs, universities to set up their in-house advanced data recovery or computer forensic labs.

It’s said most agencies and departments mentioned above lack professional data recovery technical engineers and data recovery equipment and knowledge. Many of them are signing contract with a third-party services providers and some of them ask for onsite data recovery services. But as the rapid increase of cyber attacks and other threats of data security, these industries suffer more and more data loss disasters severely affecting their daily work progress and dramatically adding to their operation cost.

Besides, Due to the long and expensive travelling expense, impact of the global financial crisis, inner data security issue or special requirements from above industries, they cannot leave their job in a continuous period of time or they are even not allowed to go out of their country for some tasks. It becomes difficult for many customers distributed in these industries to develop their in-house advanced data recovery lab and perform effective data recovery from different storage media with different failure or corruptions. Therefore, they are anticipating someone who is able to help them in a tailored, cost-effective and secured way.

The good news is that SalvationDATA is now offering the world client-onsite data recovery solutions. SalvationDATA will send out the best data recovery experts to the clients to provide face-to-face data recovery consultation and on-site data recovery training courses. All clients of the world can take advanced and professional data recovery training and become data recovery experts at ‘home’. Clients are no longer required to move a muscle for applying for the visa to travel a long way, they can stick to their posts, watch closely their daily work process, keep all their sensitive data or staffs under security control in clients’ own arranged places.

SalvationDATA is the world’s leader in data recovery field and is also the first and only one to offer this client-onsite advanced data recovery solutions, we are training and inviting more SalvationDATA data recovery experts for creating the best data recovery expert team and value for all those in demand.