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SALVATIONDATA AND I.A.E.A NIG. LTD. will have a comprehensive Data Recovery and Data Loss Prevention Certification Training in Nigeria in March, 2012.

Data Loss and Data Security are becoming more and more rampant topics nowadays in different fields, we hear and read of companies with severe loss and even corruption due to data disclosure or data loss.

This training course aims at introducing Data recovery and Data Loss Prevention as an aspect of business continuity and disaster recovery strategy for every media storage device in use.

We will equip our participants with professional data recovery and data loss Prevention knowledge, the operations of the latest data recovery tools, all these will be taught by Qualified Data Recovery Engineers.
At the end of the training participants would be able to:

1. Have an extensive knowledge of general and specific media storage device
2. Ability to diagnose and solve a host of common media storage device issues
3. We would have equipped participants to be assets with competitive advantage in the field of data recovery
4. Intimate participants with firsthand knowledge of the usage of data recovery tools.
5. Analyze the various causes of data
6. Estimate the cost of each incident and suggest several strategies foe responding to a media storage device.
7. The ability to work through the unstable areas and bad sectors to create an image of a bad drive.
8. Ability to unlock a drive and give full access to data.
9. Acquire tools, processes and system that were previously unavailable to data recovery start-ups because they were either too expensive or too complex.
10. Connect with the SalvationDATA and IAEA technical team to get on-demand case –level support to demonstrate success with difficult cases.

If you are interested in this training or have questions for us, please feel free to send email to us: or