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SalvationDATA has recently launched their new head replacement toolkit-SD HRT. It says 16 different kind of head combs and 48 locking pins are included in the head replacement toolkit. The most exciting news on this new toolkit is about the super attractive prices according to some users of Data Recovery Salon who have purchased it. With not over USD200, you get the whole package of toolkit.

I think many of you would be interested in such kind of products because there are still several manufacturers in the market but with high prices. Anyway, we haven’t tested the quality the new head replacement toolkit and we are waiting for the feedback from those who used them.

Features & Functions

* Practical Applications?Professional and friendly Simultaneous design to work on multiple heads separation at the same time; Consistent design to physically and equally separate the heads;
* High Efficiency & Accuracy: To ensure the easy move in/out of the parking zones during the head replacement operation (installing/uninstalling the heads);
* Physical effective head separation: Maximize the security of head replacement while the ability of tremor resistance is increased;
* Fix effectively: Fix the head arms and head replacement toolkit (head combs) by inserting the locking pins into the arms;
* Fix heads contact: Outer-parking-designed head replacement toolkit is able to separate the heads successfully;
* Features of SD head replacement toolkit: Outstanding performance, tested chemical stability and good wearing resistance, to be used for long between -20? and 85?;
* Manage Donor Heads Effectively: Easily keep and manage your donor heads with SD head replacement toolkit so that you don’t bother each time installing the donor heads back to the hard drives;
* Cost Control: the operation times of head installing and uninstalling are ultimately reduced with the help of SD head replacement toolkit, so that the chance of accidental head damage becomes slimmer and finally the cost of acquiring and managing donor heads is maximally reduced.

You can view the price details of this head replacement toolkit and place an order here within our data recovery store.