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Nowadays, data loss has gradually become a big problem for enterprises, especially for the big enterprises with a lot of hard disks or dealing with a lot of data daily. At first, most of the enterprises even didn’t know the concept of “Data Recovery” and they just beard the big losses. But with the development of data recovery industry more and more enterprises begin to pay attentions on data recovery solutions.

As we know, there are lots of different situations. For the accidental file deletion or formatting data loss we could easily recover them and in most cases we can perfectly recover the data with our professional data recovery tools. If you’re lucky, you can also find some good but free data recovery software to get your data back following some necessary data recovery steps and guides (sometimes it would be very dangerous to use these unqualified data recovery software). but if the data loss is relating to the hard disks with bad sectors. It would be a big problem that cannot be easily solved by any software.

Bad sectors are mainly due to the magnetic weakening of the domain and mechanical faults. Over time, the magnetic areas of a disk lose its magnetism and hence its inability to retain data. Such bad sectors have the tendency to spread and are usually non-repairable. Mechanical faults include physical shocks to the disk, abrupt power shutdowns and disruptions during read-write operations. Head crash can also cause bad sectors and lead to permanent data loss on the disk. When bad sectors spread, it can result in system instability when important system files are destroyed. Mild corrupted data however can be corrected by most file system utilities.

Using SalvationDATA enterprise data recovery solution is the best way to solve this kind of data loss. SalvationDATA enterprise recovery solution is 70% higher success rate of data recovery than traditional data recovery tools from drives with lots of bad sectors and we will image every accessible data from the original disk to prevent the second damage. So with the help of Salvation data recovery solutions, enterprises could save a lot of money from data losses of hard disks with bad sectors.