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Data Recovery Salon is pleased to learn about the news today about one in-depth data recovery training provided by Ann Leflore from French Polynesia. Ann Leflore is one of the real data recovery experts we got to know who have owned different data recovery tools and solutions including her own. Newly engaged in SalvationDATA international advanced data recovery training courses, Ann Leflore will represent SalvationDATA to provide in-depth data recovery training courses in SalvationDATA headquarter, Chengdu, China.

What has convinced us of writing this article is that we trust the following feature will benefit all our readers and supporters-Ann Leflore will share all her data recovery knowledge and tips within the training courses, the most important, she wrote the world’s first advanced data recovery book which will be used in the training and handed out to all who joined the training. It’s about 900 pages and even more. This book will be finished soon.

The following are main contents of the training courses:

1. Introduction to Data Recovery, what is Data Recovery
2. Introduction to Logical Recovery, what is Logical Recovery
3. Introduction to the SA and FW of the HDD, What is service area and internal drive firmware, how it works and the importance of drive firmware
4. Introduction to the tools. HD Doctor Suite and the program, how the programs operate, how to interface the tool with a HDD and how to use the program to determine the problem with the HDD and the way to repair the HDD
5. Introduction to the Data Compass, how the shadow disk functions, the date compass control panel, DCEXP and cloning techniques
6. Data Compass RAID recovery program and how it works and what RAID are possible to recover using this program also the understanding of RAID and other tools that can be used to reconstruct a RAID and recover data from a RAID
7. Introduction to the HDD and what is heads, and components inside the HDD, some techniques for head swaps and platter swaps using our tools
8. Donor drives and parts and how to determine the best possible donor drive for your needs
9. Setting up and maintaining a clean room. What is needed and what you should have for a clean room
10. Program that will assist you in your work and what programs are recommended for what type of work you are doing
11. Other types of tools that you will need in order to have a fully functional data recovery office. Such as scopes, microscopes, oscillators, solider work station and hot air gun.

We always have the same idea and kind prompt to all: no training or no tool is able to do all the work for you but you should understand you will never become one real data recovery expert in short time. You need long and lasting efforts and practice on this one especially when you are new to this field. However good data recovery training courses can add to your pace of success in data recovery field.

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