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ACE PC3000 UDMA+Data Extractor and SalvationDATA Data Compass+HD Doctor Suite are the major two prevailing data recovery hardware packages. ACE laboratory is one data recovery hardware manufacturer in Russia and SalvationDATA is the other famous one in China. Many people are asking what the differences between them are. According to our experience with the two tools and a collection of other users’, we wrote the following article.

* User Manual
Data Compass +HD Doctor?
? Manuals are ok but English is bad and it’s translated by one of the suppliers’ engineers speaking Chinese. An alternative is to get data recovery books from one user of these tools to fix the manual issue;
? We do love manuals offered by ACE about their tools and you can get so much information on data recovery. But for newbies in data recovery, it takes you some time to understand and practice.

* Service Mode

ACE PC3000 (UDMA+DE): Pay for services, forum support and email support are slow, but if you have patience and money, service result is good. I like their professional answers and info they give if they answer you.
Data Compass +HD Doctor?Email, phone, forum, remote assistance, MSN, Skype and other multiple support methods are available. However, the service of support quality is not stable. Sometimes you will be amazing how fast and good they reply you but sometimes it seems to take forever to answer you. The biggest highlight is that they don’t charge you anything for their services which is good for beginners or small and middle sized companies new to this field.

* Price Difference
Data Compass +HD Doctor?One time cost, affordable;
ACE PC3000 (UDMA+DE): Initial investment+yearly upgrade cost+yearly service cost, expensive.

* Who Use the data recovery tools?

Data Compass+HD Doctor:
? Easy to operate
? unprofessional and fresh people
? Professional
PC3000 (UDMA+DE)
? Hard to use
? Professional only

* Category

Data Compass+HD Doctor
? Complete line of product, targeting for the needs of customers’ in different field. People can even buy one single product if they need. For example, you can buy only one HD Doctor for Seagate or other single brand of HD Doctor;
PC3000 (UDMA+DE)
? Only one product can be chosen by customers.
? People can’t choose the one according to their need but a whole suite.

* Design Framework

Data Compass+HD Doctor
? Embedded design technology, which makes customers use the tools easily.
PC3000 (UDMA+DE)
? Open Design ,extra expansibility is only for users who are experts in this field

* Interface Design

Data Compass+HD Doctor
? USB interface design which can not only be used in desktop but in many PCs
PC3000 (UDMA+DE)
? Cassette design. Only can be used in one same desktop. PC interface is not included.

* Multitask Mode
Data Compass+HD Doctor
? The maximum task is supporting seven hard drives working at the same time;
PC3000 (UDMA+DE)
? Only supporting no more than two hard drives at the same time.


Data Compass+HD Doctor
? Support both manual and automatic RAID data recovery mode. More convenient for customers.
PC3000 (UDMA+DE)
? Only support manual RAID data recovery mode.

* Updates

Data Compass+HD Doctor
? Free at this aspect in the whole life time.
? Updates frequency speed is fast.
Generally say, new update package will be sent out each one or two months.
PC3000 (UDMA+DE)
? Need to pay for updates and is pretty expensive.
? Updates frequency speed is pretty slow.

* Operating Environment

Data Compass+HD Doctor
? One-time sign-up
? User information will be stored in the device and any other computer can use. It’s very portable.
PC3000 (UDMA+DE)
? Only can be signed up in one time in one same desktop.
? User information will be locked in the first sign-up desktop. No more other computers can use it again.

So if you are asking which data recovery package you are going to select, it’s hard to say. It depends on your budget, your data recovery knowledge, your business plan and other specific needs. For big data recovery companies or professional and long lasting use of data recovery tools, you may purchase the two of them together. Although many functions and features are very familiar but more or less you can find something unique in each package.

Once again, the most important for you is how much you have prepared yourself to step into data recovery field. If you understand very well about the data storage devices you are going to work with, either tool is working well for you.