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Within this article, you are able to learn about different data recovery prices that occur in data recovery field. However, it’s just one collection of data recovery prices and there’re differences due to the size of the data recovery companies, the data recovery tools and technologies the companies used, the success rate the companies can achieve, the local economy development status, etc.

Data Recovery Services Prices:

* Data recovery cases you can easily handle with data recovery software: 40-120$, $375 to recover data from a 30 GB single hard disk drive running Windows and charges $1,000 for a 500 GB drive;
* For working hard drives, $390.00 regardless of storage capacity or form factor;
* For clicking drives, Service was well priced ($279) but I had to buy a disk from them to return my data on, which brought the total to around $485;
* $1,500.00 total for undetected drives, 30GB data, turnaround time: 2 days; USA;
* 200$ was charged in the initial stage and 1000$ was charged again after the first company failed;
* 600$ paid for head crashed hard drives, fix within 2 days;
* 700$ for motor stuck, 250GB hard drive, 2 days’ fix;
* Head swap cases, 900$, 6 days, 130GB, 95% data was recovered;
* Some big data recovery companies have their window data recovery services cost as 1000$ on average, they can still charge several thousand dollars for physical recovery cases;

* In general, pricing of raid recovery starts from $1500 onwards and will be more as the situations get more complex. If the number of disk elements making up the raid volume is big, users happen to lose the original disk order and strip block size, then it becomes more complicated and time consuming;

* SSD data recovery is mostly more expensive and many SSD data recovery cases are not recoverable right now.

Additional data recovery costs:

* Evaluation. Many firms do not charge for this, while others charge $20-$200.
* Expedited service. Most vendors expect a turnaround of three to seven business days Rush service can run to several thousand dollars.
* The cost of returning a hard drive is sometimes included in the quote.
* Cost of media used to return recovered data to customers. For small amounts of data, customers can supply CDs or a USB computer stick (approximately $15.00). A common option is for customers to supply a portable hard drive ($100-$350) when they send in their hard drives for repair. Recovered data can be obtained via secure online download, which may be the best option for international clients.
* Pick-up and delivery service can cost around $40.00 if a customer is located near the firm.

What is affecting the data recovery prices?

1, Storage media types, sizes, interfaces, etc.
2, Capacity of the drive;
3, Failure types;
4, OS types;
5, Technology access (if you are the only one who can do it, you are the boss);
6, Users’ attempt before sending for recovery;
7, Some special requirement of users (turnaround time, pick-up services, data return method, etc.)

So if you have more data recovery prices information about different data recovery services, please share here, thanks in advance.