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Ann Leflore, one of the professional data recovery engineer and professor has recently finished many data recovery books based on SD data recovery tools. The latest data recovery book is her in-depth logical and physical onsite training book with over 900 pages, with which, those who have basic data recovery knowledge can train themselves and equip themselves with advanced data recovery technologies and tips. The following are a list of her books:

In-depth Logical and Physical Onsite Data Recovery Training Guide(New)

Seagate Data Recovery Guide
Western Digital Data Recovery Guide
Hitachi/IBM Data Recovery Guide
Maxtor Data Recovery Guide
Samsung Data Recovery Guide
Toshiba Data Recovery Guide

All above data recovery books can be purchased directly from the data recovery store on Data Recovery Salon.

The following are some reviews and feedback from the users of the books:

“I’ve read the entire guide and have to say, great job! If you have the WD Doctor then this guide would be a great addition. It’s nice to see a guide for the WD Doctor that is written in plain English.

“(Unfortunately or by good luck) in my type of biz (private) customers usually avoid paying for drive restauration, they buy new drives and pay for the installation…..But with such a perfect documentation – and the videos with step by step explanation – I could / should even start to work with this tool (again).

For those who want to know and use the SD tools there are only two solutions:
– Live with the SD manual and learn with lots of time by trial and error.
– invest in Ann´s guides and start to “work + understand” immediately.

“Very Good Work poehere.
” ??? ????????? ? ?????? – ????????? ? ?????? “”

“Very good manual poehere…keep up the good work

“Manual is very nice… SD should pay you money to license it.

“Awesome manuals for the tools..!!!
Great Job..

“Excelent Material, Thank you for all your work!!

“Ann’s English manuals are real english Manuals. Not Chinese to English translation.
I have 2 of her books Mator and Seagate and are much better than the original manuals.
Also somebody can find some real case studies and tips within the Seagate Guide.
I believe it is a “must have” to somebody’s colletion.

SalvationData should have purchased the copyrights from Ann to give us all of these manuals for free when we order the product and could charge 50$ more, as the original SalvationData Manuals do not have organised structure and do not explain things well in English.

Good job Ann and keep up the research. We are expecting more case studies for newer disk models and some hardware/firmware solutions.


“Saltshaker – having just recently purchased all of the guides that Ann has put together, let me say that I highly recommend it. Very well written, lots of good information, and well worth the $$$.

Above feedback on the books are from either HDDguru or SalvationDATA forum users and we can see the users who have read the books value the books which are definitely worth the dollars and even more.