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Data Recovery Salon is pleased to announce we have signed contract with one of the data recovery experts-David Edwards from Data Analyzers Inc, Orlando FL, USA and is now offering onsite SSD data recovery training.

This onsite SSD data recovery training is actually one advanced fl ash data recovery training and it contains how and what flash data recovery tools to select, how to use these flash recovery tools, basic knowledge and structure recognition of different typical flash drives and data storage chips, how to uninstall and install the chips from from different flash devices, how to use different chip readers to read and analyze the data structure, how to combine different chip images and reconstruct the data, PCB repair techniques to recover data from broken PCB boards, etc.

This advanced SSD data recovery training is to be provided by Mr. David Edwards, to learn more about him, please read his data recovery experience and qualifications here.  Mr. David Edwards will travel to the clients’ onsite  facilities and offer the training courses to the students there. The training courses will last 5-7 days according to the clients’ situations.

SSD data recovery is so far known as one of the most difficult data recovery job to do in case of encryption or other non-logical failures. Read  about ssd data recovery review here. Although many data recovery companies in the market claimed to be able to recover all data storage medias, but most of them are just for advertising purposes. Few of them can really recover a lot of data from damaged SSDs. What we can do to handle SSD data loss is to make best use of the existing flash and SSD data recovery tools and technologies to recover as much data as possible.

Data Recovery Salon hopes to bring the SSD data recovery knowledge and experience of Mr. David Edwords to more people in the world whether you are data recovery companies, IT companies, law enforcement and government agencies, etc, you can apply for this onsite SSD data recovery training courses by emailing to info(at)