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We have used many partition data recovery software and most of which are integrating partition data recovery as part of the main functions. However, this partition recovery software-Partition table doctor is dedicatedly designed for partition restoration and recovery and it’s one of the best we have ever used.

Many PC users have encountered some common errors while attempting to read data from their PC and it’s a big pain in the neck you can not find and read the data in a friendly response time or even inaccessibility to the wanted data. There are many reasons causing this problem but the most common ones can be system or software failures. With some proper pc repair or data recovery software and you can fix this pc failures easily and fast and find the wanted data back.

Partition table doctor is such one useful and commonly used data recovery software users can depend on checking and repairing the Master Boot Record, partition table, and the boot sector of the partition with an error, to recover the FAT16/FAT32/NTFS/NTFS5/EXT2/EXT3/SWAP partition on IDE/ATA/SATA/SCSI hard disk drives. It can create an emergency floppy disk or a bootable CD to recover the bad partition even if your operation system fails to boot. Partition Table Doctor manages for MS-DOS, Freedos, Windows 95/98/Me, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 2003.

In most situations, users can select the auto mode of partition recovery and the doctor will automatically rebuild the partition table and recover the partitions according to your former partition information. This auto mode is especially good for users who don’t know much knowledge about partitions and boot process.

However, if you fail to achieve big success by the auto mode and your desired partitions are not well recovered, you can move further and run the Interactive mode, with which, Partition Table Doctor will display all the partitions detected, you can choose the partition you want to recover, View clearly all the partition information that existed as well as information on file system, volume label, CHS, size and logics of the corresponding partition, browse and get file information of partition under root directory after recovery.

You can also “Create Emergency Disk” and create an application under DOS to recover the lost or damaged partition. Afterwards you can set your BIOS and then start from floppy disk, thus recover MBR by operation mode of Partition Table Doctor in DOS. There’re many more partition restoration and recovery features in this software.

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