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Diagnostics of a hard disk drive is one of the most complicated procedures that require absolute accuracy and vast experience. Besides, there are always chances of unintentionally causing damage to the disk that may lead to the inability of extracting any data from the disk altogether.

I had extensive experience as a data recovery engineer, including running into a series of various issues associated with the process of hard disk diagnostics. The majority of technicians are able to estimate disk state through initial testing such as analyzing the noise it makes on start-up, and performing media scan, manual firmware diagnosis, etc. The complete procedure takes quite a bit of time and skills, making it very easy to overlook something important. Being a qualified specialist, I prefer to choose a high-end tool that meets all my needs on an appropriate level.

Atola Insight is the perfect device you can trust. It applies a sophisticated system that provides the most accurate testing for a damaged hard drive in a fully automatic mode. Atola Insight provides analysis for hard disk drives in the following areas:

• Circuit Board (PCB);
• Motor;
• Heads;
• Media Surface;
• Firmware Area;
• Partitions and File Systems.

In just a few minutes, you get the full diagnosis report with a recommendation summary. The Atola Insight system offers a simple solution for complicated issues. Moreover, it also has many functions such as high-speed imaging, firmware recovery, password removal, file recovery, and others.

I’m fully satisfied with the results of Hard Disk Diagnostics reports, but one of Atola Insight’s built-in features, the current time monitoring system, assists me by providing more in-depth diagnostics. I would say that the Atola Insight diagnostics system is specifically designed for easy and intuitive use.

When I first tried to use the Atola Insight diagnostics system, I realized that it was the perfect solution for the data recovery market and for me personally. In my opinion, this tool ensures a solution for each major issues. The time-saving initial diagnostics procedure lets me concentrate on other issues and leaves me more time for its execution.

You can be a start-up or a highly professional expert – Atola Insight is an effective tool for any user.

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