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This is one typical undetected hard drive recovery case study.

When this patient hard drive was received, the drive was very unstable, no ID information, no capacity was detected and the program displayed capacity 0.

Patient HDD ID:

Capacity: 3TB
Family: Diablo3s
PCB: 1945


Data area is not accessible;
Capacity 0
ID information was not detected

Data Recovery Solutions:

Backup data drive important firmware modules;
Get donor firmware modules and ROM of same or very close microcode;
Write donor ROM;
Load donor ATA auto using DFL-WD firmware repair program and Write donor fw;
Write data drive key modules;
Power off and on and the patient drive got ready and data area is accessible.

Data Recovery Tools used to recover the lost data:

1, DFL WD firmware repair tool;
2, DFL DDP data recovery tool.