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When users connected the patient drive to pc, it’s lucky that the drive was spinning smoothly and had no clicking noises, this one was very important to confirm because users couldn’t treat the physically damaged drives to firmware damaged drives, otherwise the wrong operation will cause permanent data loss.

After connecting the patient drive to DFL Seagate firmware repair tool and the COM terminal window output the following error messages:

SIM Error 2012
RW Error 
Diag Error Process Defect List Error
R/W Sense R/W error
No Host BSY

Data Recovery Steps from ST4000DM000:

1, Backup original rom;
2, Enter F3 T> and unlock the SYS read and write;
3, Backup the important SYS files;
4, Backup the Tlist and clear Tlist;
5, Clear glist and smart;
6, Regenerate translator;
7, Power off and on and the drive got IDed and the data area is accessible.