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Hard disk clicking? Head damage? Platter swap? HDD repair? If you happen to meet such hard drive failures, the following tools can be useful.

When customers give you drives to repair and the drives have damage in the head, platter, motor, it is required to disassemble the disks and repair it in a good environment to avoid a second damage and protect the data ultimately.  HD HPE PRO provides solution to this requirement.

HD HPE PRO is HDD repair tool manufactured by SalvationDATA.

HD HPE PRO is a Hard Drive Platter Replacement and Disk Head Exchange Tool built to handle Head Stack and DSM issues.


Why you need “HD HPE PRO”?

Besides firmware problem and the well-known file system problem, as a data recovery professional, you must have experiences that drives click and drive spin motor got stuck or burnt. For few of you, these kinds of problems can be fixed by replacing the damaged parts manually, but for most of the non-experts who want to lay their hands on this bite of cake, it is better if they work in a stable environment with assistance of industrial designed utilities to prevent further damages or misalign because of incorrect operations to maintain the user data intact.

* What is the highlights of  “HD HPE PRO”?

* Universal-fit workbench assures you to operate on your HD on a relatively stable table, making your job easier and more reliable.

* Pioneer platter exchanger maintains the original cylinder status by removing and placing each platter of the multiple platters together, so that allows you to change multiple platters without moving the platters out of alignment with each other which otherwise will result in data corruption.

* Special Actuator Remover assures you to perform easy operation (removal, installation) on the upper magnet of the actuator which is very hard to be removed and put back because of its strong magnetism and it’s sensitive and embarrassed position (being very close to both the Head Stack and Media Platter), in case it slips out and touch either of its fragile neighbors during the operations — the consequences will be a disaster.

You can now view the price details of HD HPE PRO and  place an order of HD HPE PRO here within our data recovery store.

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