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datarecoveryWhen we are talking about Data recovery, we usually know that there are several kind of data recovery tools we can choose to use. They are data recovery software, Data recovery equipment and Data recovery hardware. Data recovery equipment is usually software and hardware integrated tools and it’s so far the best choice for data recovery business.

Data recovery software is used mostly for logical data recovery, data recovery equipment usually works for both logical data recovery and physical data recovery.

As for price, data recovery software is usually cheap because of its limited functions and many data recovery amateurs are using them or such kind of tools are used as some supporting tools. Data recovery hardware and equipment is usually with a higher price because this kind of tools integrates solutions to both logical failure and physical failure. Such kind of tools are most popular and widely used by data recovery professionals and companies who wants to do serious data recovery business and succeed. According to investigation, there are only two best qualified data recovery equipment manufacturers in the world: the number one is SalvationDATA, it has excellent tools to meet different level of disk repair and data recovery and their price is reasonable. The second one is ACE LAB and they have good tools too but their price is much higher and their after-sale support is not that good. The most important is that SalvationDATA provide lifelong free software upgrades.

If your budget is very tight, be very careful to choose a good one!

Do not be persuaded by Data Recovery Software, Cheap Rates or a “FREE ESTIMATE ” from just anyone off the Internet, their (or your) experimentation with software on your Drive will very likely cost you your data in the end.

From what we have witnessed, Amateurs and several “Data Recovery” Companies do not inspect the internal condition of your hard drive before powering it up. Many actually try to take a guess as to how much money you are willing to spend without even knowing what’s wrong with it. They basically look at every client like “Another chance at the Jackpot Machine”, where if they recover your files using software; they win your money and charge you up to 5 times the respected normal rate.

If they Under-Estimated the cost/time involved to recover your data, they may have the nerve to lie to you and say that “YOUR DRIVE IS NOT RECOVERABLE” instead of being honest and telling you that they just don’t know how to (or that they don’t want to) fix it for the price they initially quoted (because the real Data Recovery Company they out-source it to is charging them a higher Rate and they Won’t make a Profit).

The Hard Drives that are damaged in this insane process are either partially recovered (if they’re lucky) or rejected “FOR FREE!”.  Then you`ll get the “We were not successful” or “Recovery is not possible” without you even knowing that it was their incompetence that prevented a successful Recovery. The damage they caused will very likely prevent the next company from recovering your files.

To Conclude,  if you want to go far in data recovery business, choose data recovery equipment and hardware with a little higher price;  If you want your data to be safe and recovered, find some real professional tools or companies to do it! Sometimes, to save means to lose more!

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