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HD Doctor for Maxtor is a newly released advanced hardware and software integrated tool for Maxtor firmware and bad sector repair.


HD Doctor for Maxtor operates on the HDD SA using PCHS(physical cylinder head sector) method other than the traditional UBA method, which fully enhances the success rate of your data recovery and refurbishment towards Maxtor hard drives. Maxtor doctor can be easilt installed on any desktop/laptop/server computer via USB(USB protocol 1.1 or above) socket and runs on Microsoft Windows 98/2000/XP.

Key Functions:

* The most advantaged support list including 2B, 2F, 2R, 3X, 4D, 4G, 4R, 4W, 5X, 6B, 6E, 6G, 6H, 6L, 6V, 6Y, 7B, 8X, 9X, etc. What’s more,a powerful support list extension service towards our customers.

* Pioneers to read/write on SA in PCHS

* Read/write firmware by module, by group and by track

* Special designed power voltage and current protection system;

* Access to the self-repair SA section directly without destroying the C section manually;

* Redefine the primary head;

* Sections Operations

* The SA Low-level format, defect scan and Add U-list

* Save Boot function

* Head Position

* Selfscan;

* To view or empty all defect lists including G-list,P-list and U-list. Transfer G-list to P-list.

* Fast scan the HD Data Area by LBA value and Add any defect found into the factory level defect list-the P-list.

* Fast read/write/verification towards the HD PCB ROM

* Clear Password

* Reset HD SMART

* Motor on/Off

Maxtor Connection:


If you are interested in more details like the datasheet and price of HD Doctor for Maxtor and coupon of purchasing SalvationDATA tools, send an email to and you will get it.

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