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Not all data recovery is money required and we can definitely make best use of some free data recovery software, the following is one provided by SalvationDATA for maxtor firmware repair.

Anyway,  this software has limited functions becuase it’s free. It handles the following situations:

* HDD is not identified correctly (Maxtor N40P, Maxtor Romulus, Maxtor Athena, Maxtor Ares64, Maxtor Calypso, Maxtor Proxima, Maxtor Rigel…).
*  HDD starts the motor and then hangs.
*  HDD capacity is identified incorrectly in the BIOS, usually less.
*  HDD can identify correctly in the BIOS, but all sectors are displayed as bad sectors, or disk partitioning is impossible.
*  HDD is very slow in reading/writing/formatting.

If you meet one of the above failures, you can try this free data recovery software!

If your patient maxtor drives have firmware corruptions which this software can not handle, their upgraded firmware repair tool Maxtor Doctor has many more functions and worth a try with some cost.

Download this data recovery software here
Software version:  Dos Version

Note: Their Upgraded Maxtor Doctor is software and hardware complex tool!