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There are many logical data recvery software in the market which are able to recover some data if there are some logical failure with the patient drives. but for physical defective failure in the sectors, such kind of software would say ‘sorry’!

The following is one free data recovery software for patient disks with physical defective failure in the sectors. This software has a a good access speed to read the drive and bypass the bad sectors by adding them into the G-list. It  accesses HDD with capability up to 2000G even if the disks are not recognized in the BIOS; With a “Repairer” inside, this program could fulfil your general need for HDD sector repair.

hdd-structureThis software can be easily operated with friendly user interface, an intuitionistic and intact report for the physical defective sectors will be created after the scanning.  After you install this powerful data recovery software, all you have to do is to insert the bootable disk and have your target HDD connected correctly to your IDE slot.  Within minutes, you could start fixing the defective HDD using this powerful utility by some simple clicks.

CD-ROM Driver:
Download this free data recovery software here
Floppy Driver: Download here
Software Version: Dos Version