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D.R.S ssd 003: MemoRight rSSD
SATA flash SSDs

About MemoRight

Memoright Memoritech is based in Shenzhen, China and was founded in 2006!

According to their website, they have the following two SSD types:

MemoRight rSSD GTR series
MemoRight eSSD GT series

What we are interested is their rSSD, they declared the following features:

* Constant Speed – The ultimately reliable, precise system, which reduces overall costs, with no excess buffer needed.
* In-Drive UPS – MemoRight rSSD will not lose any data during power spikes, dips or losses. 100% data integrity ensures that you always catch the ball.
* Three Layer Wear Leveling – MemoRight’s proprietary “Static, Dynamic and Active” algorithm ensures that each SLC NAND flash memory chip is used evenly, resulting in the longest life cycle in the SSD marketplace.
* Secure Erase – 3GB per second secure erase. Clean your data in seconds before you put on your shoes and run away!

More features please visit their website here

MemoRight UK Distributor:
Future Storage