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By Searching around the internet, we are checking which data recovery tools support the hitachi data recovery from HTS5450XXB9A300. Hitachi 5450  series are newly supported to be repaired by HD Doctor for Hitachi provided by SalvationDATA from the news of their official website.

What the HD Doctor for Hitachi can do with these models?

1, Read/write of service area, password removal, NVRAM Repair, etc
2, Read reserved NVRAM copy from service area in the case, when users load the drive manually by “Load from File”, was enabled, which allows users to use the reserved NVRAM content in the SA to recover the NVRAM directly after the SA positioning was done, without performing the data area positioning. This feature is extremely important in the case, when the NVRAM positioning operation locates “fake parameters” (this is common in new Hitachi drives with high density design, sometimes there will be 100-1000 sectors accessible even without the data area positioning, but the other sectors remain unreachable). This unique feature supports ALL Hitachi HDDs with reserved NVRAM copy in the SA, include laptop series like 5412, 5416, 5425, 5432 and 5450; desktop series like VLAT/VLA3, PLAT/PLA3, KLAT/KLA3, DLAT/DLA3 and GLAT/GLA3.

SalvationDATA is one of the manufacturers of data recovery equipment and we have seen some good and bad comments through forums but in our view,  to decide if it is good or not,  we should convince ourselves by using if your financial situations are allowed.

Actually we have tools from SalvationDATA, ACE, Atola and some other data recovery software created by ourselves. We don’t want to say which is better because no one of them is perfect. But with the tools, we nearly clear over 95% data recovery cases we met.

We welcome the comments or stories of all users of the tools provided by them and give a better guide to those new who want to enter this field!

Which is better?
How did the tools handle your cases?

We will appreciate it very much if you share with us and all people here.

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