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In data recovery field, clean room is an important element if you want to provide comprehensive data recovery services such as data recovery from logical failure, physical failure, especially when you need to open the disks and exchange some mechanical components, such as damaged heads, platters or other components.

We had a review of the intel clean room and find it a very good example.

To work most effectively,  not only is the room required to be clean, but the people work inside the room needs to be clean!

Cleanrooms are 10,000 times cleaner than a hospital operating room. It takes an incredible amount of technology to achieve and maintain such cleanliness. Huge air filtration systems completely change the air in cleanrooms about 10 times per minute, reducing the chance that there are airborne particles that might harm the chips.

The thousands of people who work in Intel cleanrooms all wear special uniforms called “bunny suits” to protect the chips from human particles such as skin flakes or hairs. A bunny suit is made from a unique non-linting, anti-static fabric and is worn over street clothes.

In intel cleanroom, the engineers are usually equipped with helmet including air filter unit, hairnet and safety glasses, suit made of ultra clean material, belt, battery pack for air filter system, 2 pairs of gloves(nylon and latex), 2 pieces of foot gear disposible shoes covers and outer booties.

Besides multiple and  complicated technologies, equipments and the steps entering and leaving the clean room are complicated too:

* Store personal items.
* Discard any gum, candy, etc.
* Remove any makeup with cleanroom soap and water.
* Take a drink of water to wash away throat particles.
* Cover any facial hair with a surgical mask or beard/mustache lint-free cover.
* Put on a lint-free head cover.
* Clean shoes with shoe cleaners.
* Put shoe cover on over shoes.
* Clean any small, pre-approved items to be taken inside.
* Pick up booties.
* Sit on “dirty” side of bench.
* Put on one bootie (over plastic shoe cover).
* Swing bootied foot to “clean” side of bench.
* Put on other bootie on “dirty” side.
* Swing bootied foot to “clean” side.
* Enter main gowning room.
* Set aside badge, pager, and any other items to be taken inside.
* Put on nylon gowning gloves.
* Obtain bunny suit and belt from hanger.
* Put on bunny suit without letting it touch the floor.
* Put on belt.
* Tuck bunny suit pant legs into booties.
* Fasten snaps at top of booties.
* Attach filter unit to belt.
* Attach battery pack to belt.
* Plug filter unit into battery pack.
* Obtain helmet, safety glasses, and ID badge from rack.
* Put on helmet.
* Tuck helmet skirt into bunny suit.
* Zip up bunny suit at shoulders.
* Attach helmet hose to filter unit.
* Tighten knob at back of helmet.
* Put on ID badge.
* Put on pager.
* Put on safety glasses.
* Obtain disposable scope shield.
* Remove protective covering from both sides of scope shield.
* Undo front helmet snaps.
* Attach face shield to helmet.
* Re-snap front helmet snaps.
* Examine attire in mirror.
* Put on latex gloves.
* Enter the cleanroom.

For those who are new to the clean room, it may take you  30 to 40 minutes to put on a bunny suite. It’s said the Intel can do this within 5 minutes, ‘Practice makes perfect’, that’s true!

Anyway, Intel clean room is very standard and you may not follow  exactly the same! You may set up a small and reasonable clean room according to your financial situation if it’s indeed necessary. Big money, big energy! Without it, you can still enter data recovery business and makes money, who said ‘Must’?

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