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What’s Mechanical Failure?

Mechanical hard disk failures are those which develop on components internal to the hard disk itself. Often as soon as an internal component goes faulty the data on the hard disk will become inaccessible.

Inside your hard disk are small moving parts that can go wrong and fail. Internal components, like the read-write head and motors, can become faulty without prior warning. The much dreaded head crash could be a by-product of mechanical failure. These mechanical failures of hard disk components will often make the data on the hard drive inaccessible. One common symptom is a regular clicking sound but you may hear and see nothing, just sense that heart sinking, gut wrenching feeling of utter despair when you realise that all your data has disappeared. But it may not be as bad as you think, these types of mechanical failures are often salvagable but it can come at a cost. The recovery of data from hard drives with mechanical failure should be carried out in lab conditions known as a “clean room” where the drive can be safely taken apart, poked around, investigated, and fixed. Do not take a drive apart yourself, you’ll do no good, unless you want to cathartically wreck the beast. If you are thinking of using a data recovery service ask them about their clean room first

Mechanical damage normally arises as a result of impact or wear and tear.

Mechanical hard disk failures symptoms

* Clicking, grinding sounds
* Completely quiet due to ” motor freeze”
* “Music” tone as the disk is powered up

Mechanical Failure is usually worse than electronic failure. To recover data from a hard disk drive with mechanical failure is more complicated because in most cases we have to open up the hard disk drive and change parts in it. A mechanical failure quite often leads to a partial or total loss of critical data.

One of the most common mechanical failures is a head crash. A head crash occurs when the read-write heads of the hard disk come into contact, momentarily or continuously, with the platters of the hard disk. In this case using the drive in a normal environment or trying to recover data without contacting a data recovery specialist is fatal, it will destroy all your data and make data recovery impossible.

Head crashes can be caused by a range of reasons including physical shock, dust, dirt, movement of the computer, static electricity, power surges, etc.

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