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Today, we got one technique article from SalvationDATA and we found it very interesting and then we share it here with all people. This article is about the errors reported from Seagate drives and how SalvationDATA tools handle those errors. Hope this article will bring you some new ideas.


Upload the ATA Module of the original HDD, and then runs “FW Repair” by using SalvationDATA HD Doctor Suite. If you do not have the original HDD, you can find a donor with the same firmware version and same first 4 digits of SN to upload.



For drives before K7, you can use “FW Repair” to solve this problem easily. If this cannot help, you can enter into “head operation”, input the total head number of the patient drive, and then submit. After this, please off the power supply and on. Then run the “FW Repair”. If this operation cannot help also, you need upload the ATA module of the original HDD and then run “FW Repair” to solve.

Regarding drives after K7, if “FW Repair” fails, you can upload the back-upped NO. 4 INFO module to fix. If cannot be successful, then you need find a good donor INFO module to upload.


This error indicates that this drives is in selfscan process. When seeing this indication, you need switch to CMD Mode and check the value of AGE now. If this value is not 60, then you can offer a separate power supply to this drive and keep it selfscanning. If the AGE is 60, then you need manually set back to 50, and check the value after power up.

Error (4) HDD after K5 show AGE=60

Stop the selfscan first, and upload ATA module, and then runs” FW Repair”. Power off and check the AGE again. If AGE is still 60, then do the above mentioned operation again and restart selfscan this hard drive after “FW Repair” with power on. Check the AGE again after selfscan. If the AGE is still 60, then you must manually switch to F level to choose the right series number and manually run F> repair to solve this problem.

Error (5) AGE=00

Choose the right series number to run F> repair. If this cannot be booted, then you can adopt the following method. Manually enter into F level, then back to main program interface to run F> repair. If this trial fails once again and again, then the PCB Board of this drive may be damaged. Then you need do a PCB Swap, and then run F> repair.

Error (6) Error Reading Boot Adaptives

This error indicates the boot failure. Then you need do F> repair.

Error (7)Error Reading Reserve Track Defect List

SA defective list read error. Then you need do F> repair.

Error (8)Sweeping 189 CLY

Power off and on to diagnose this drive first. If fails, find a donor drive and upload the NO. 10 SMART module. In case all these cannot help, you need do an overall selfscan.

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