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Theoretically speaking, A clean room is necessary to make the successful rate of data recovery higher, it handles air particles’ damage to platters!

However, Clean room is only used when it is necessary to open the disks!

Hard Clicking drives not detected in the bios

For Clicking drives(The drive spins up and the head starts clicking right from the beginning with a regular constant sound) which can not be detected in the bios, you’d better have a clean room! Most often, such kind of clicking means bad heads. But is it a must to have a clean room? Actually, this question is up to how you are experienced with the head replacement tool, if you can finish the operation in a short time, then it’s not a must, surely you need a comparatively ‘Clean’ room, this room should be seperate, not full of other stuffs, this room is only for opening disks and try your best to make this room as clean as possible. Many middle and small sized data recovery companies are acting like this! Clean room is not a small investment!

In case you want a higher guarantee when you are not so experienced in the operation of head replacement, you can consider buying a clean bench, then it is supposed to meet a higher standard of environment requirement! When you grow up to have many customers, you can then consider setting up a real professional clean room, like class 100, which makes your company more trusted for new customers!

Drives with firmware failure or other logical failure don’t need clean room at all! For such failure, you don’t need to open the disks and there are many professional data recovery tools which repairs the firmware failure, bypasses the logical failure and restore the PC.

From information above, we know data recovery skills are very important to win successful data recovery. If you are new to data recovery field, you’d better take some data recovery training. We noticed there is one good offer from SalvationDATA, only if you buy their data recovery tools, can you get their professional data recovery training for free! It’s said you can visit their company and attend the training!

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