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Sometimes, data loss is not terrible because it can be recoveryable. The terrible thing is the second damage to the media, especially some physical damage, like platter scratches are almost deadly so far in data recovery field!
Therefore, it’s necessary for you to learn how to avoid further damage to your media and prevent further data loss:

* Do not perform any operation on the storage device that will cause physical damage to the device or the data on it
* Do not write to any of the files on the device or add additional files
* Do not format the drive
* Do not modify the partitions on the drive (using FDISK or any other partitioning software)
* Never try to open the device to see what is wrong. (Hard drives are particularly sensitive to contamination and should only be opened in a microscopically clean environment) Cease using the hard drive or storage device that requires recovery. If your drive is making unusual noises or showing other obvious signs of distress, shut it down immediately and do not power it up again. Before you forget them, write down all symptoms of the failure and all recent actions and events involving your computer.

If you have a backup, evaluate how current it is and if it will fulfill your needs. Consider restoring your backup to a different system in case you find that critical files are missing or outdated.

However, if you are a data recovery specialist with professional data recovery tools, you can be free on your way as you know where it goes! If not, keep the above suggestions in your mind!

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