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The MBR sits on your hard disk’s first sector in a 512-byte area. The MBR provides a table of contents of the disk’s partitions and their sizes.  It is an important data structure that contains the code instructions to the the system on how to boot up to an operable system. In this case, when you power up your computer, the BIOS identifies the boot device and detects invalid information in the master boot record.

MBR Corruption Causes:
Due to virus attack, power surge, etc, the Master Boot Record can become damaged.

MRB Corrupted Symptoms:
If this happens, the computer becomes un-responsive and will not start from the hard drive. When You power up your computer and you may receive a blank screen right after P.O.S.T (Power On Self Test) completes. You may also receive the following error messages:

* Missing Operating System
* Error Loading Operating System

MRB Corrupted Solutions:

The solution is simple if you have previously created a backup of the Master Boot Record and partition information prior to the disaster event.

You can also repair the MBR using Microsoft’s standard utility – fixmbr or fdisk /mbr. Both methods rewrite the master boot code and leave the partition table intact.

For Windows XP/2000 users, follow these steps:

* Boot up with Windows Installation Disc as the boot up device.
* Enter Windows Recovery Console
* At the command prompt, type in: fixmbr

For Windows 98/ME users, follow these steps:

* Boot the computer with a Windows 98 boot floppy disk
* At the command prompt, type in: fdisk /mbr

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