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Samsung External Hard Drive is not being recognized When connecting to devices (PMP, Navigation, etc.) other than a computer.

When you’re going to purchase an Samsung hdd to use the external hard drive on Portable Devices, check the compatibility first before purchase.

Portable Devices such as PMP or Navigation are equipped with USB Host functions. And by using the functions, more external devices can be used by connecting them to the drive. As the result, large size external hard drives are being used more often to supplement the limited capacity of the Portable devices.

But there are problems of not recognizing the external hard drive. The following are some possible reasons for your reference:

* The Portable Device does not support USB Host function.
– If Portable Device does not support USB Host function, it cannot recognize the drive. Check the supporting functions first.

* External hard drive’s power shortage
– Unlike a PC or Laptop, the Portable Devices may not provide enough power to operate the external hard drive. The power of Portable Device is to support the device’s own operation and may  not guarantee the operation of other connected external devices not having own power source. Thus the devices are not recognized or cause the power
shortage. To use an external hard drive, check whether the device supports adequate amount of power before a purchase.

* Different from the format types supported
– Most Portable Devices only recognize FAT32 and may not recognize an external hard drive if it is in different formats. Use after formatting to the recognizable format. (Samsung External Hard Drives are default formatted to FAT32 at purchase.)

* Limited recognizable capacity
– According to devices, there can be limitation in capacity of external storage devices that can be recognized.  (volume capacity limitation or all capacity limitation) . Check the recognizable capacity with the manufacturers of Portable Devices, then use after partitioning according to the capacity.

* Other compatibility issues
– When problem persists even after trying all of above methods, contact manufacturers of the Portable Devices.

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