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This platter extraction system is going to be released by Retrodata, and the name of that system is called System P. Ex.   System P. Ex is a precision – manufactured system that operates within parameters measured in microns. It’s claimed to be the world’s first commercially – available system of its kind.  With laser-guided positioning, it weighs in at a hefty 75KG.

” We’ve spent the last three years designing the P. Ex.  This system finally breaks down all the barriers that have defeated existing tools on sale anywhere.  For example, many hard drives now have special inserts built into their design in order to reduce vibration and noise, amongst other reasons.  These inserts, which extend from the inner wall of the drive to well into the regions beneath the platters, completely preclude the use of existing tools.  The P. Ex has absolutely no problems with the inserts, or with any current hard drive design anomalies.  Moreover, it is expected to work with any 3.5” hard drive with up to five platters and possibly even more.”  Retrodata Said.

The beauty of this system is that at any point of the procedure, the technician can drop their hands to their sides; throughout, the patient drive and donor drive and platters are clamped and held in place by the system, and this entirely removes from the equation user error, subject to nothing other than common sense.  Positioning of the Z axis, as well as the Y and Z axes is by means of hand-wheels and accurate to 25 microns.”

System P. Ex is not going to be cheap; these systems are designed and manufactured to high standards, and to perform flawlessly.  The P. Ex is expected to cost around £3,500 – we haven’t finalised this, but remind anyone interested in purchasing the system to allow for the additional cost of freight.

Although the P. Ex will come with a 10 year warranty, certain precision components will need occasional replacing – but the cost of these “consumable” items will be almost negligible, averaging out at about £1.00 per platter transplant.

For reasons involving the patenting process, Retrodata is unable to provide photographs or further information.  However, anyone with an interest in this product is welcome to contact them.

We will wait and see how’re things going on and if  and when this system will apprear before us. We look forward to more wonderful data recovery tools!

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