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Data recovery from hard drives with firmware corruption is not the task for you to handle at home, instead, to bring it to a professional data recovery company is a better choice in order to protect your important data.

Modern disks normally have their firmware codes located on data platters and also the PCB board. If the firmware area is corrupted, the drive will appear to have failed even all the electrical and mechanical components are still fully functional.

* be recognized incorrectly in the BIOS, the computer will then often hang
* Drive powers up, but is recognized wrongly, sometimes with nonsensical characters, manufacture alias (Such as N40p for Maxtor 6Y and etc ;)
* Drive powers up, but is not recognized /defected by the computer
* Drive freezes during booting up;
* Drive detect in wrong Capacity, such as 80 GB detected as 1Mb;
* be recognized as 0 bytes in size
* S.M.A.R.T error;
* Drive is locked by human error; such as Hitachi hard drive by a drop; it is a self protection method of HDD design;
* Drive clicking ;( it can be caused by firmware too, the heads try to read the SA on platters and can not positing ;)
* run slowly make a regular ticking noise at start up

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