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Flash data recovery is challenging, especially the data recovery from Physical flash memory failures. There’s a lot of data recovery equipments in the market, but Seldom have we found one good flash data recovery equipment with high success rate of recovery. This article will help to share the useful information about flash memory failure and its recovery possibilities.

Understand the most common flash memory we see in the market:

*  Various memory cards used with digital camera, digital voice recorders, digital media players, PDAs and so on. Variations are Compact flash, SD (Secure Digital), Memory Stick, and so on.
* USB “sticks”, typically up to several gigabytes in size. These are just like a regular removable device attached via USB port.

As we have discussed in the previous article ‘Flash memory failure symptoms ‘, we already know that the common symptoms of flash memory failures in different situations. So here we put focus on the recovery possibilities on the flash memory failure.

When we experience flash memory failure, we may take some Possible corrective actions as following:

* Try completing power cycle – power down the computer, plug the problematic device off the mains, then power back on.
* Check connections. Remove the device from the slot, and then reinsert it.
* Knowing full well that problematic connections are a widespread problem, check connections again.
* For a memory card (like Compact Flash or Memory Stick): if a card is inserted into the device (like digital camera), try removing the card from the device and using the card reader to read the data. If already using a card reader, you may want to try different card reader.
* For an USB stick, try different USB port. If practical, try with a different machine.

If what we meet is a physical flash memory failure, there is no point in attempting the do-it-yourself type data recovery at home. There is little you can do to repair a physically damaged device without the special data recovery equipments. If you have a physically failed storage device, you’d better bring your device to a professional data recovery company who provide flash data recovery services or if you know flash recovery very well and want to recover the data by yourself, you must firstly inquire to some good data recovery equipments manufacturers and buy the professional data recovery tools with detailed manuals and technique support.

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