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The following information will help to understand different kind of flash memory failure symptoms, let’s share it.

For flash firmware corruption failure, it usually has the following symptoms:

* The correct model number can be detected, but the capacity detected becomes very small (usually falsely detected as 8.4 MB or 16 MB).
* Device detected as general manufacturer model.
* Correct device model number and capacity can be detected, but all the blocks are defective and inaccessible.

Typical failure modes, listed in no particular order, are:

* Bad spot on the card.
* Bad spot causing the card to lock up. I.e. once you accessed that bad spot, all read attempts fail till a power cycle.
* Device firmware problem causing the device to report zero capacity. This essentially renders the device inaccessible to any software.
* Mechanical failure – broken or jammed connection (most common being USB connector bent or broken loose from the USB stick).

Physical flash memory failure symptoms

* Broken connectors or other visible damage.
* USB stick is not assigned a drive letter in Windows upon insertion. Windows Disk Management indicates a zero size for the device.
* System locks up when accessing the flash memory unit, requiring a hard reboot (power cycle) to recover.

Other symptoms:

* flash disk cannot be read from a Windows XP machine
* flash disk cannot be read from an Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04 machine
* flash disk is recognized as a storage device in Windows XP but when accessed it gives an error of “Device not ready.”
* flash disk LED does not light up

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