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Yes, when there’s one disk failure and the RAID server is running at degraded mode. Only some critical data is required.  This is the most likely situation that the user could recover the data fully and without the need to send the RAID system for recovery work. As the RAID is still accessible but without any more fault tolerance redundancy, any failure of next disk will result in complete RAID server failure.

Critical data should be copied out as soon as possible before any rebuild attempt is performed. At this point, the remaining disks making up the RAID volume could be near imminent failure. RAID rebuild process is generally IO intensive and could stress the disks to complete failure. One stands a greater chance to copy out the required data before total failure occurs.

Once the critical data is copied out, standard rebuild process could then be carried out.

Note: it is important to save everything including the boot-up operating system and application. Some RAID server is used as application and data server. It may not be sufficient to recover just the data as re-configuration of application may not be possible or too cumbersome. The only feasible option is to rebuild the degraded RAID volume. However, it is advisable that one should backup the disk image from all the working disks before a rebuild is perform. In case the rebuild function fails or any more disks fail subsequently, one still has the backup disk image to work on further.

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